Security Risk Advisors

Advanced Threats Tools Selection, Implementation and Engineering

Security Risk Advisors specializes in comparative knowledge of Endpoint Detection and Response, SIEM and DLP tools.  We recognize that identifying the right tools for your enterprise is a daunting task.  It is a challenge for CISO Offices to fully test and understand strengths and limitations in toolset functionality, integration and adaptability.

Our approach independently evaluates your current controls landscape, gaps and needs taking into consideration your environment and resources.  We identify which existing tools are fit-for-purpose and which are most in need of modernizing.  We identify infrastructure limitations and future operational resources which affect what can be successfully implemented and maintained. 

We then conduct expert selection and proof-of-concept testing in order to prove whether or not the tools will meet needs.  We plan and execute successful pilots with phased, IT-considerate implementations.  We then develop operational documentation and transfer knowledge to your team.

Our approach:

  1. Takes into account existing capabilities and limitations to develop an advanced threats strategy including tools and resources
  2. Builds trust with IT and other organizational stakeholders by involving them right away, hearing their concerns and taking the time to avoid heavy resource impact and demonstrate toolset stability
  3. Is vendor-neutral and tailored to your business and technical requirements.  We work with the industry’s leading vendors but have exclusivity with none – it all comes down to your organization’s specific requirements
  4. Uses expert-guided proof-of-concept exercises to demonstrate controls will operate as expected
  5. Takes advantage of our experience deploying cutting-edge security tools on an global scale