Security Risk Advisors

Network and Web Application Penetration Testing

We have extensive experience testing web applications, external, internal and wireless networks. In our experience, this type of assessment is one of the most critical and telling measurements of your security posture, because it eliminates the theoretical discussion around security breach risks and focuses on what can be demonstrated.

Our approach to penetration testing answers the following questions:

  1. Are you performing the right activities to prevent critical weaknesses from emerging in your customer applications, corporate perimeter and internal networks?
  2. If a dedicated threat successfully breached your systems, would your processes detect the attack and react appropriately?
  3. What are the most effective prevention and detection controls and what do your peers do well?

Our approach and technique is highly “manual”, meaning that we focus on simulating skilled, stealthy attacks. Our testing identifies common critical vulnerabilities like those described in OWASP’s Top Ten, but also identifies custom vulnerabilities, which can often have the greatest impact.