Security Risk Advisors

NIST Cybersecurity Gap assessment & Threat Modeling Analysis

Released in February 2014 under Executive Order 13636, the NIST Cybersecurity Framework represents an updated approach to information security. We have adopted the Framework and combined it with our proprietary Threat Modeling service to assess, measure and improve prevention, detection and response controls aligned to the most modern and effective practices.

Our approach:

  1. Identifies critical gaps, redundancies and priorities in security toolsets
  2. Measures your organization beyond the basics against a modern controls framework
  3. Informs Advanced Threat strategy and budget decisions
  4. Provide meaningful metrics-based representations of the current state and allows for modelling of “what if?” scenarios and the outcome on our risk metrics.  For example, will implementing endpoint forensics, network forensics or data loss prevention better complement existing controls and manage your security risk?