Security Risk Advisors

GRC Tool Deployment Strategy

We have assisted with successful GRC tool deployments at Fortune 500 companies which have helped to meet regulatory requirements, inform Senior Management, and produce significant time and cost savings over legacy processes.  In our experience, organizations often procure a GRC tool to address a singular need such as automation of a risk assessment process.  Over time and with deliberate effort, the tool can evolve into the engine behind a GRC Program.

Security Risk Advisors can assist with developing a GRC tool deployment strategy that:

  • Defines immediate and long-term objectives with a logical plan and timeline for development, testing, and implementation of relevant tool modules and applications
  • Accounts for pre-requisites to success that include documenting the organizational structure, integrating data from other tools (e.g. vulnerability scanner, DLP, etc) and legacy processes, planning an effective access control methodology, and end user training
  • Recognizes enterprise-wide usage opportunities and avoids over-customization