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Dan Astor

Dan Astor

Senior Consultant


Dan focuses on penetration testing, web application security testing, spear phishing, social engineering, physical intrusion simulation and wireless security. Dan also has experience penetration testing APIs and web services. Dan maintains Security Risk Advisors’ high-speed password cracking hardware and tools. Dan has worked for clients in several industries including banking, entertainment & media, insurance, healthcare and utilities. Prior to joining Security Risk Advisors, Dan was a member of Steel City Hackers, a whitehat security industry group based in Pittsburgh.

Recent Projects

  • Web application testing for an investment services company
  • Red and blue team testing for a major pharma
  • Physical intrusion testing for financial services, healthcare and telecom clients
  • Red team testing including network, application, physical testing for a major telecom
  • Web application security testing for transaction services settlement company
  • Web application testing for a software and analytics company
  • Network and web application penetration testing for a global company

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