Security Risk Advisors

Chris Salerno

Chris Salerno



Chris leads the 24x7 CyberSOC service line and provides oversight for the Technical Assessments service. His background is in cybersecurity strategy based on NIST CSF, red and purple teams, improving network defenses, technical penetration testing and web applications. He has led hundreds of penetration tests and security assessments and brings that deep expertise to the blue team. 

Chris has been a distinguished speaker at RSA, B-Sides, SecureWorld, the CISO Executive Network and the Association of Financial Crime Investigators (IAFCI). 

Prior to Security Risk Advisors, Chris was the lead penetration tester for a Big4 security practice.

Recent Projects

  • Cybersecurity risk assessment for a healthcare provider
  • Red Team leadership and training for a major US bank
  • Blue Team defenses process improvement for a major US bank – SIEM and IDS tuning to detect threats
  • Assessment of high security network’s defenses against foreign-sponsored threats
  • Advanced spear-phishing assessments for banks, insurance and healthcare
  • Mobile and web application testing for several banks

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