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Carl Vonderheid

Carl Vonderheid

Senior Consultant

Carl specializes in software development, software engineering, software integration and deployment, various messaging standards for internal and external interfacing, and custom application security assessments.

Carl currently maintains Security Risk Advisors’ mercurial code base, along with its Sonatype Nexus artifact Repository.  He is responsible for designing and developing custom software to meet client’s needs as well as the needs internal to Security Risk Advisors.

Prior to Security Risk Advisors, Carl designed software and managed a team for a subcontractor to the DOD.  His software and methodologies are being used in sensitive production systems today.

Recent Projects

  • Penetration testing of a custom messaging architecture for a financial services company, including simulated application DoS testing
  • Whitebox security testing of applications for a large telecom
  • Developed a custom API Connector to allow Symantec DLP data to be fed into Splunk for a professional services firm
  • Custom threat intelligence retrieval application for a global pharmaceutical manufacturer
  • Developed an API Connector to allow FireEye data to be fed into RSA Archer

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