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Amaan Mohiuddin

Amaan Mohiuddin

Senior Consultant, QSA


Amaan has extensive experience in PCI DSS assessment, program development and process improvement, including several years acting as a Fortune 50 PCI ISA.

Amaan also has broad hands-on auditing, consulting, risk assessment and project management experience.

In addition to PCI DSS, Amaan specializes in network and application risk assessments, ISO 27001 and 27002, IT Compliance and Vulnerability & Threat Management processes.

Recent Projects

  • PCI scope validation and gap assessment for a global retailer
  • PCI ROC and AOC for a retail chain
  • Assisted design and implementation of PCI DSS scope reduction techniques
  • Policy development and controls reviews for a major US bank
  • Critical infrastructure reviews, including disaster recovery, database standards, PCI and ISO 27001 and 27002

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